Novel Solutions for Challenging Problems

  • Crystal Growth of Semiconductors and Scintillators

    SrI2(Eu), CLYC, CdZnTe, TlBr, and more

    More details ... Crystal Growth
  • Strontium Iodide Detectors

    SrI2(Eu) crystals with plug and play kits are available for purchase

    More details ... Strontium Iodide
  • Thermal Management Software SYMMIC

    Software for design stage thermal analysis of electronic systems

    More details ... SYMMIC
  • Cadmium Zinc Telluride

    CZT substrates and detectors are available for purchase

    More details... CZT
  • Thallium Bromide

    Researching new ways to improve Thallium Bromide

    More details... TlBr
  • Characterization Services

    Oxygen measurements, 3D image mapping, gamma spectroscopy, and more

    More details... Characterization
  • Crystal Growth of Radiation Detectors
  • Strontium Iodide and CLYC scintillators
  • SYMMIC Software
  • Cadmium Zinc Telluride
  • Thallium Bromide
  • Characterization Services
Radiation Detectors

Radiation Detectors

CapeSym develops new materials and production methods for low-cost semiconductor and scintillator detectors. For current product selections please visit:


Simulation Software

CapeSym develops engineering design and process optimization software for thermal analysis, crystal growth and processing of materials.

Engineering Services

Engineering Services

CapeSym offers a wide variety of services including thermal analysis, engineering design consultation, and characterization of materials using our in-house tools.