Novel Solutions for Challenging Problems

  • Crystal Growth of Semiconductors and Scintillators

    SrI2(Eu), CLYC, CdZnTe, TlBr, and more

    More details ... Crystal Growth
  • Strontium Iodide Detectors

    SrI2(Eu) crystals with plug and play kits are available for purchase

    More details ... Strontium Iodide
  • Thermal Management Software SYMMIC

    Software for design stage thermal analysis of electronic systems

    More details ... SYMMIC
  • Cadmium Zinc Telluride

    CZT substrates and detectors are available for purchase

    More details... CZT
  • Thallium Bromide

    Researching new ways to improve Thallium Bromide

    More details... TlBr
  • Characterization Services

    Oxygen measurements, 3D image mapping, gamma spectroscopy, and more

    More details... Characterization
  • Crystal Growth of Radiation Detectors
  • Strontium Iodide and CLYC scintillators
  • SYMMIC Software
  • Cadmium Zinc Telluride
  • Thallium Bromide
  • Characterization Services
Radiation Detectors

Radiation Detectors

CapeSym is at the forefront of R&D into new materials and production methods to provide low-cost semiconductor and scintillator radiation detectors to the imaging industry.


Simulation Software

CapeSym develops engineering design and process optimization software for thermal analysis, crystal growth and processing of materials.

Engineering Services

Engineering Services

CapeSym offers a wide variety of services including thermal analysis, engineering design consultation, and characterization of materials using our in-house tools.