Novel Solutions for Challenging Problems

Crystal Growth

CapeSym's scientists and engineers have decades of experience in growth of a large variety of crystals, by vapor, melt, and solution growth techniques. We take pride in designing and fabricating novel and state of the art crystal growth equipment, drawing on leading-edge computational modeling tools and thermo-fluid engineering, to achieve optimal conditions for growth of large volume, high purity, chemically uniform, and stress free crystals. Our R&D portfolio of materials include:

  • Semiconductors for:

    • - gamma-ray detection: TlBr, CdZnTe, CdMnTe,
    • - infra-red substrates: CdZnTe, GaSb
    • - high power devices: SiC
    • - other: HgCdTe, GaTe, GaAs, GaInAs, InP, InI3, Si, Ge, diamond

  • Scintillators for:

    • - gamma-ray detection: SrI2(Eu), Cs2HfCl6
    • - dual neutron/gamma-ray detection: Cs2LiYCl6(Ce) (CLYC), CLYC-PVT composites

  • Other:

  • - oxides, garnets, fluorides