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SYMMIC Application Notes

Using a FET Template for Thermal Analysis

This note demonstrates that using SYMMIC for thermal analysis is just about as fast as using a spreadsheet, so you won't be wasting time setting up finite element problems.
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Simulations versus IR and micro-Raman Spectroscopy

Obviously, SYMMIC lets you know about temperature problems with a design a lot faster than building devices and taking measurements, but you might be surprised to learn that expensive measurement systems don't get close to measuring the peak temperatures reported by SYMMIC.
SYMMIC versus IR measurements PDF
SYMMIC versus micro-Raman measurement PDF

Comparing SYMMIC to ANSYS and TAS

SYMMIC outperforms competing thermal simulators, giving you the fastest turnaround in the industry.
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Epi-Layer Effects on Peak Temperatures

Is your current thermal analysis ignoring critical details due to erroneous assumptions? This application note shows how a thin epi-layer can have a big effect on peak junction temperatures.
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The Cooling Effects of Passivation

Are you considering all the potential places where your design might see a cooling benefit? SYMMIC can tell you how a passivation layer might improve thermal performance, which is something no spreadsheet analysis can do.
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Electro-Thermal Analysis using SYMMIC with Microwave Office

Closed-loop electro-thermal analysis uncovers temperature effects on the operating characteristics of a MMIC design.
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Flip-Chip Thermal Analysis

Use SYMMIC to explore the effect of solder bump locations on thermal performance.
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List of Worked Examples

A detailed summary of worked examples available on the website.
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