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Europium-doped Strontium Iodide, SrI2(Eu)

Europium-doped Strontium Iodide (SrI2(Eu)) gamma detectors have a very high light output ranging from 80,000-100,000 ph/MeV and energy resolutions as good as 2.8% at 662 keV, and essentially free of internal radioactivity. CapeSym's proprietary crystal growth process is now routinely producing up to 1.5-inch diameter crystals. CapeSym's patent-pending process is based on decades of experience in crystal growth, crystal growth process simulation, and fracture mechanics.

Our Developer's Kit is a plug-and-play SrI2(Eu) radiation detection solution ready to measure in less than 30min after the box is opened. It consists of a high performance SrI2(Eu) scintillation crystal coupled to a super-bialkali photomultiplier tube (PMT), plug-on digital MCA with high voltage (usbBase) and browser-based graphical user interface.

Contact for pricing and availability.

Download the SrI2(Eu) Developer's Kit Brochure