Novel Solutions for Challenging Problems


CapeSym's new RadSolver dual-mode product line offers enhanced n,γ signal separation for the highest FOM on the market. Our composite can be optimized for sensitivity, resolution, timing, and neutron type to meet application-specific requirements. Moreover, the RadSolver is available in multiple form factors suitable for hand-held, backpack, portal and other applications. It is available as plug-and-play kit, or as an OEM solution pre-assembled with a PMT or solid state photosensors, with appropriate electronics, for your accelerated development.

Key Features:

  • FOM from 5 to 20
  • Tailorable thermal or fast neutron sensitivity
  • Gamma sensitivity from 200 to 50k cps per &muSv/h (662 keV)
  • Thermal neutron sensitivity from 3 to 200 cps/nv
  • Energy resolution as good as 3% at 662 keV
  • Application specific design options

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