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Cesium Lithium Yttrium Chloride, CLYC(Ce)

Cerium-activated Cs2LiYCl6(CLYC) has gained attention in the recent years as a dual mode neutron-gamma radiation detector. With a gamma energy resolution of better than 5%, a high cross-section for neutrons due to 95% 6Li-enrichment, and good pulse shape discrimination (PSD) of 2.6, it is a promising replacement for medium resolution gamma-ray detectors as well as 3He tubes.

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CapeSym's proprietary crystal growth process has overcome CLYC's incongruent melting problem and are now routinely producing 1.5-inch diameter crystals. Scale up to larger diameter crystals is in progress.

Standard CLYC(Ce) sizes include:

  • 1 in dia. x 1 in
  • 1.5 in dia. x 1.5 in
  • 2 in dia. x 2 in upon request
  • Cuboids and other custom sizes are available, bare or encapsulated, with or without coupling to a PMT.

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